Pierre Mouchan

Pierre Mouchan

Entrepreneur, Front-end Developer with a Creative Mindset.
I am making the web feel 'right' and faster while helping brands & people in their journey.


I have spent 3 years building products at Station F in Paris — the most stunning opportunity and experience of my career.

I learned how to fail and how to sell. Today, I know how to drive a product on the right track.


I value good work, humans and honesty.

Building new products from scratch to production.
I strive to provide the best possible experience—focusing on performance and usability.

I am spending the rest of my day reading and learning new skills—and sharing much of my knowledge to others.
Enjoying sports, design, and music ∽ Vibing at the sound of

I am trying to eliminate the noise in my day-to-day life and focus on what really matters. (killing news, notifications, social media...)


Who knows?

If you're in Paris, Let's get a Baguette together.
Otherwise, I'll be happy to chat with you online.

Something Timeless

A good life means reaching our own inner peace and happiness.
There is no magical formula — everyone has their own.

I have embarked on a lifelong journey of learning and reaching total wisdom and professionalism.

Thanks for reading.