Pierre Mouchan

Pierre Mouchan (Portfolio in construction)

Founder, Designer & Developer making the web feel 'right' and faster.
I am helping brands & people in their journey.

The past

I've spent 2 years building a startup at Station F in Paris — the most stunning opportunity and experience of my career.

I've learn how to fail and how to sell. — Since then, I know how to drive a product on the right track.

The present

I value good-quality work, positivity and honesty.

Building new products from scratch to production.
I am constantly trying to deliver the best experience — focusing my efforts on performance and usability.

I am spending the rest of my day reading and learning new skills.
Enjoying sports, design, and music (lo-fi and electro). I also devote much of my time passing on my knowledge to others.

I am trying to daily cut the noise around me for the sake of my sanity and productivity (killing news, notifications, social media...)

The future

Who knows?

If you're in Paris, Let's get a Baguette together.
Otherwise, I'll be happy to chat with you online.

Something timeless

A good life means reaching our own inner peace and happiness.
There is no magical formula — everyone has their own.

To me, it means maintaining my core values throughout my life.

To do so, I have embarked on a lifelong journey of learning and reaching total wisdom and professionalism.

Thanks for reading.